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A great start into this week. - With a big update on shields, some users´ recommendation and a fan piece.

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Hi Indie Community,

We´ve got a big update on shields this week. - This time, heavily inspired by roman examples.
We also took
Drakel101 and Açaí´s recommendations serious and redesigned number one and two of last weeks concepts. I think, they were right with their suggestions - thanks for that one!

We also want to say thanks to Jonas Lentz for his fan piece
- wich we don´t want to withhold from you:
If you´ve also made something, share it with the community!

What´s your week´s favorite - and, regarding armory style:
If you had to choose one ancient style, wich one would you choose?

- Spartan?
- Greek?
- Roman?

join us - for a greater gaming experience!

TheUnabridgedGamer - - 1,671 comments

Hmm -- have you considered a special ability where, if multiple people have either shield 4 or 5, and they're all walking in a line (either in a row or single file), they can activate a phalanx and have -70% damage for the cost of having to generally keep in a straight line and having to move slower (not to mention being unable to really attack besides point blank attacking).

Just an idea.

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LULZferBAKON - - 420 comments

Good idea in concept but then you have to consider that most people wouldn't bother with something like that, even if they did they'd still have to manage to pull off the formation successfully.

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CrapGames Author
CrapGames - - 68 comments

I really like the idea - have to admit, that I´m a fan of roman style. (While sketching I was listening to quite a good documentation about the rise and fall of rome)
I also loved "Rome: Total war" series, especially the job they did on the formations.

But I´ve to agree with LULZferBAKON, that it would be hard to integrate - and even harder to balance. But maybe it can work as some kind of a buff giving the mentioned effect to players with the same shield standing right next to the player.

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Drakel101 - - 66 comments

I feel special! :3

I love them all, especially 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 11, 12.

10 reminds me more of Celtic culture than anything Greek or Roman and 11 makes me think of Fantasy/Medieval (neither of these things is bad).

9 and 12 show a nice way of integrating a symbol (namely the eagle) with the actual shape of the shield which shows some kind of advancement from 3.

I prefer Roman over Greek but variation is always nice. Germanic tribes were prominent in Northern Europe in "ancient times" and more brutish armour would help build variety.

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CrapGames Author
CrapGames - - 68 comments


we devide the settings by mythology. When the player progresses in the game, he unlocks new settings, including new weapons, armor sets - and maps. One of those settings is also nordic and germanic mythology, that´s why we want to save nordic armory for this one.

yep, I think, we´ll play a bit more with such symbols, worked quite nice for the roman eagle =)

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[TGW1918]Cireva - - 239 comments

whats the difference between greek ans spartan amor style?

all shields look good, of course the better ingame shields look better but you also need low tier shields and they look great aswell !

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CrapGames Author
CrapGames - - 68 comments

thanks man!

because spartans actually are greek?
That´s right, because of the comic and the movie, everybody recognizes the style of the spartan shield and sword, or at least those, that were used in the movie. If you see it like that, it´s more like the question wether coke light or coke zero tastes better. ^^

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Midnight_Aurias - - 248 comments

i got a good idea for new swords even while it isnt roman or some kind it wil look good with the character im thinking about like the soulreaver from soul reaver 2 here is vid to it and from same game the spirit like swords and just make them different would love that

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CrapGames Author
CrapGames - - 68 comments

ahh ... what a great game. I like the idea of a sword out of spirits. Will keep this one in mind - would be a very high level weapon tho.

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gerrit1919 - - 596 comments

i like 3,5,6,9,11,12

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xXMaNiAcXx - - 4,807 comments

9, 10 and 12 are the best styles for a shield in my opinion, but they all look great.

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CrapGames Author
CrapGames - - 68 comments

thank you! =)

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