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Hey everyone, we have New Gameplay, New Weapons, New Enemies, New Art

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Hello All,

Thanks to everyone following our progress, it's time for a big update which we hope will get you all as excited as we are. I will be explaining in brief, the game itself, how it will be played, the features of the game, and where we are currently up to in development. Long post but lots of good exciting information, hopefully getting you all pumped to play our game.
As the leader of a team of new Recruits, you must guide your team to victory and successfully complete your mission objectives.
Now, what you have all come to see - Updates and Progress.

New Gameplay Video:

This is a very Early W.I.P gameplay video, not all features are implemented, and it does not fully represent the final quality of the game.

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Grenade Weapon - By pressing "G" you will be able to throw a grenade to where you are aiming, within a certain distance.
Enemy AI Bots - The enemy will hunt you down and do their best to kill you and your team.
Level Design - We have designed a demo level that we are testing our props and game flow in.
Environment Art - New props have been made and many many more are on the way.

Generic Soldier Character:

Interchangeable items allow us to create unique looking US ARMY Style men to fight in our first mission.

Some baskets for the village, smoke and frag grenade projectile, and a fish


* Fast Action Gameplay:
Action packed shooting, fast paced killing, explosions, booby traps, and non linier gameplay, all make for an exciting and fun gaming experience.

* Simple, Fun Controls:
Let the mouse do most of the work. Using either mouse click or WADS to control the squad, right click for your basic weapons and middle click for specials, you have all the fire power you need at your finger tips.

* Wide Range of Weapons:
Machine guns, grenades, explosives, melee. Everything your team needs to complete your missions.

* Variety of Levels:
Destructible objects, interactive elements, dramatic events, along with a variety of locations immerse the player in their current environment.

* Level Up System:
Level up with ranks, starting off as a low class soldier and working your way up through to Captain and General with a few surprises in-between.

* Special Abilities and Upgrades:
Killing enemies and completing objectives will give you the points to level up and ultimately earn special abilities and upgrades such as napalm strikes, reinforcements, accuracy upgrades, and many more.

* Single Player and Co-Op Multiplayer modes:
A single-player mode puts the player straight into the action and fighting for their country. A multiplayer Co-Op mode puts you and your friends into the war together where you take out your enemies with more vengeance than ever before.

What's Next?

We are working towards a Demo. Something playable, fun and looking good. What we need to do is create many more assets and get a lot more coding done. Then we will be ready to package it up for you guys and get you playing! All the features won't be playable but the basic game will be. We are aiming for at least one update a week. At the moment gameplay is our main focus, but this will shift soon to art and visuals, until we have a full time coder onboard.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy our hard work. Keep checking back for updates on the Website and more images and video. Don't forget to drop us a line, give us feedback or suggestions, and we hope to create a game that you all can have fun with.

Cheers everyone,
Robert Dukes
Project Lead/Lead Artist

Join our Team:
Currently we are a very small team of two. I am out sourcing code work to get a decent prototype up and running. What we are now doing is sending out the call for talented people to join our team. We are currently looking for:
*1-2 UDK Experienced Programmer's -
Work on current and future systems, learn along the way and help push this game to the next level.
*1 Menu Artist and Scripter -
Set up menus and designing HUD's; Flash, Photoshop knowledge is a must.
*1 Level Designer -
Design exciting levels that flow well and are fun to play.
*1-2 3D Artists -
Creating Props, Characters, UDK materials and Effects.

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I love these top-down shooters, great potential for tactics and teamwork. The one thing that bugs me though is that I suck at aiming (T-T)

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