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Yheeky Games now has a Discord server! Also read how you can play the game soon and how you can be part of the development and even get a free copy of the game!

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Hi there,

today I would like to give you an update since the last update few month ago.
First of all I want to mention that Yheeky Games now has it's own Discord.

Discord LogoWordmark Color 300x1
You can click on the icon or on this link to get to the channel. I would be very happy to see you there. What can yo expect?
25AAMore information & updates much quicker
25AABe able to be part of Road to your City (test version or help me by translations...see below)
25AAGet in contact with me directly and ask me anything about the game and the development
25AANetwork with other IndieDevs & people interested in Road to your City

If you don't have Discord or you don't want to use it, you can alternatively subscribe to the newsletter for being up-to-date or contact me concerning the lower information.

Here are some updates what had been added to the game lately:
25AARefactoring UI from scatch (comparison between old and new)

GUI comparison

25AAAll building are now fully upgradable


25AALoading/Saving has been added to the game

SaveGame works

25AAAdded a lot of new animation for different buildings


9   Animation TrainingSession

7   Animation ApartmentBurning

25AANew tooltip for buildable objects added


25AAA tech-tree allows the player to see what buildings can be built and what's needed for unavailable buildings.


That's it for the moment. Again, we would be very happy if you join the Discord smile


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Awesome Idea, very nice people =) Looking forward to it!

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