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Release of HRT 1.4, graphic modification for GTA: San Andreas, was delayed to 2014.

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Probably for users, who are waiting for the mod, it will be sad news, but do not hurry to get upset. I want to release mod as more quickly too, but my mission also — to do work as more better as possible. We want the quality mod, that will be made really very good, mod, in which you can play, maybe, even not one year. It is therefore release must be delayed for excellent result.

Initially modification could be called HRT Pack 1.4. It could be the direct continuation of HRT Pack 1.3 (2010, in 2011 was re-released as Enhanced Edition).

In 2011 I decided that my skills are better then before, and I want to make mod on new quality level. I have started work from scratch.

Mod is not based on 2010 mod. I decided to give HRT 1.4 name for the mod. Even version number, in fact, is not so needed: «1.4» was included to the name for showing evolutionary connecting. HRT 1.4 — not just new version of previous mod, this is a completely new project.

HRT 1.4 in the development from 2011 and each year (difficult to imagine that more then two years I give free time to this mod; as earlier, I'm doing this mod alone and often it is very difficult to combine this work with other); I thought that mod will be released in this year, but every time a lot of work waited ahead. Besides often I wanted to do again what already been done (from one side, improve already made things — it is good, the other side — very easy to wallow in this). Last release date was 2013, but now 2013 almost over, and again a lot of work wait, however, the amount of work has been steadily declining.

The release delayed to 2014 because mod will be really cool. Without bugs, with very stable working. Mod must look cool and keep the style of original game. Also do not forget that all current screenshots and videos do not show final look of the mod. I would like that the players not to represent GTA: San Andreas without this mod.

Look back. In the game there are three big cities — Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas.

Work on Los Santos was finished. (Bellow you can see video with best screenshots from Los Santos, this is a second part, see also first part and video, dedicated to the Vinewood Hills — a huge part of this city.

Other videos: Market Station, Jefferson Motel, Tennis Court in LS).

San Fierro is almost finished. (You can see a slideshow with best screenshots from two first parts of this city and video about one of sections of the city — SFse).

(Other San Fierro videos: Some streets, LOD-textures improving demonstration, Gas Station, Stadium, Airport, Foster Valley, Cathedral. Also see video about new fingers for CJ.)

Remained: Las Ventures, the desert and countryside. Yes, again a lot of work, but HRT 1.4 confidently moving to the finish. You will see some pleasant news soon. Thanks to players, who like this mod and waiting for it, they will not be disappointed.

About HRT 1.4

HRT 1.4 — is a global modification for GTA: San Andreas, a project of full replacement textures in the game.

Feature of mod is replacement textures of the all location, interiors and vehicles to most quality analogues in high quality and high definition.

New textures are maximum similar to the original, based on photos and made by author or taken from free libraries; in HRT 1.4 are used more materials than in the original game: for example, if the original house model using same texture and for roof, and for wall, in HRT 1.4 and wall, and roof have unique textures; also includes improved models models are smoothed and have new details, fixed defects on models and mapping, sometimes adding reflections) and other features.

Mission of mod — provide more modern graphics with preservation of original game atmosphere. Mod will be released in 2014.

Some from latest images (see also gallery)

HRT 1.4 HRT 1.4

HRT 1.4 HRT 1.4

HRT 1.4 HRT 1.4 HRT 1.4 HRT 1.4

HRT 1.4 HRT 1.4 HRT 1.4 HRT 1.4 HRT 1.4 HRT 1.4

13isLucky - - 23 comments

I'm sad due to the delay, but if it means better quality and less trouble for you then go ahead. Still waiting :)...

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Lopper - - 1,559 comments

Awesome, I appreciate the excellent work you are putting into this mod :)

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Lagahan - - 65 comments

Its done when its done! Keep it up dude!

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Flаme Author
Flаme - - 556 comments

Thanks all for support!

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