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What is "Survive The Day"? A game where you have to survive the office work day...

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Survive The Day

A game where you have to help characters survive the office work day...

...that might just help you to survive your office work day!

Survive The Day Office Break Room Zooming Out

What kind of game is this?

Each level will be like it's own mini-story but still tied into the same office. This means that based on the story the type of gameplay (genre) will vary. Some may be action, some may be puzzle, one is planned for an RPG type, one for Zelda style action, and more to come...

For example the first level, which is playable now, is a stealth operation: Get Dave his coffee without being spotted by Chatty Cathy!

Dave sneaking around the office

Level 2 will be a classic "who dunnit" which will involve multiple characters, where you will have to solve a classic office mystery...

people congregating

Where to Play? How it will be released?

Levels will be playable online at for free in your web browsers.

Levels will be released as completed.


I'm pretty new to game development and still learning. Releasing in this manner allows me to release quickly (or more quickly than a large game over many years) and get feedback—see what people like and don't like and any issues. So this allows me to get people playing quickly. I have ideas for "spin off" type games to this but want to reach a quality and quantity that would be worth paying for before I would try to charge people.

Level 1 Trailer

Let me know what you think! Thanks!


Lou Bagel

Bagel Industries

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