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This hot fix resolves numerous issues that came up with some of our latest releases.

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This hot fix resolves numerous issues that came up with some of our latest releases. Several terrain fixes have been added, and two of our most significant updates in terms of game play will be the AAA AI guns being corrected to only engage aircraft only. 7th AST has also received their squad decal, and our Field Marshall and other Squad funders have been added to the in-game credits, courtesy of the last fundraiser (thanks guys). Bomb penetration constants have been upped as a temporary fix until other issues are corrected. There's more inside, so read this hot fix with great focus. This patch / hot fix further emphasizes that CRS is focused and committed to resolving bugs adversely affecting your game play, and that your bug reports and feedback are part of our game development. Thanks for your support!

World War II Online

Version - September 2018

This release is a hotfix for numerous issues that came up with the latest release.

Bug Fixes

  • Machine Gun Anti-Air AI (AAA AI) now has been corrected to only target aircraft
  • Fixes invisible FBs for Sittard-Maaseik and Orval-Carignan
  • Moves a facility maker in order to fix a Depot exit in Arlon
  • A tree was removed from the Weert South CP, an Eind building and Roermond West AB bunker
  • Fixed a broken AI pit in the Wiltz AF AB, Bilzen AB, Manhay, Vise, Maastricht West AB, Hallslag AF, Sittard and Kaarst AB
  • Redirected the Manhay North ATG pit to point away from town
  • Moved a fence that was in the road within Sierck-lesBains
  • Corrected the Griendtsveen-Helmond Depot being clipped into the ground
  • Moved the Echternach church so that it is no longer blocking the road
  • Fixed an issue with two objects being capable for the Vianden City CP
  • Corrected the Prum-Hillesheim and Julich FB from being clipped into a hillside
  • Added the hatch opening and closing sounds back in for the DLC Vickers Mk VIBs
  • A Trier road has been fixed that was sloped on a hillside
  • Missing ABs from Aachen, Feschaux and Hastiere have been fixed
  • Shifted two buildings that were clipping into each other in Monchen
  • Moved a Hillsheim building so that it's not clipped into a hillside
  • Added further corrections to the lighting system in order to correct issues that were being seen during sunrise and sunset
  • Lowered a building in Dusseldorf so that it is no longer floating above the ground
  • Removed bushes from a Namur building
  • Bomb Penetration constants have been upped as a temporary fix until other issues are corrected
  • An open terrain seem near Val-de-Vesle is now fixed

Adjusted Content

  • Some translations have been updated for the recent Steam DLC changes
  • Replaced a Boom AI tower with one that is climbable by players
    FBs with "Other" objects may be objects other than tents that are required to be destroyed before an FB goes down

New Content

  • The 7th AST Vehicle Decal has been added to the game
  • Field Marshal and Squad funders have been added to the credits

Cornered Rat Software is actively updating WWII Online with new content, bug fixes and pursuing the very best game play experience possible. To support game development the number one way, become a subscriber, even better yet become a Hero Builder which will provide you with several recognition items in and out of game, along with a free second tow account, and access for both accounts to the new NCO and Ammo Bearer class.

We'd like to thank you for your continued support. Your feedback is actively being incorporated into our development planning, and this update directly demonstrates that.

S! - Cornered Rat Software

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