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We’ve collected a bunch of feedback from you guys since the latest update went live, and worked fast to get things fixed for you!

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Part 1:

We’ve collected a bunch of feedback from you guys since the latest update went live, and worked fast to get things fixed for you!


Venom Dart can be crafted from Comprehensive Grinder
Added new animations when interactive with Llama.


Increased time limited for Ingall's Mine Upper Level as well as most of the Hazardous Ruins
Adjusted Initial distance for Charged Attack
Increased Triple Barrel Snakebite’s stats, now level 3 worktable is needed to craft Triple Barrel Snakebite.
Increased the possibility to tame a Llama, Trap Box's location is more noticeable.
Increased the drop rate of the Advanced Engine.
Can get the diagram of construction cranes even the mission build the museum is incomplete.
Decreased the drop rate of the disks.


Bug caused by Marble Street Light.
Create new game did not unlock mission achievements
Bug caused by interactive with horse, added
Bug caused by bus.
Sometimes Gust did not show up for date.
Bug caused by return to main menu.
Can get mineral ores when fishing.
Fixed the wrong text of the source for Dye.
Fixed the display error on the diagram of the lift.

Part 2:

Hey everyone,

We have another hotfix for the Harbour Update, this will fix the issue causing the achievements to stay locked, the lift diagram being missing in-game, as well as a few other issues. Here’s a changelist:

Change list:

Fixed the bug when completing an achievement but the achievement still shows as locked.
Fixed the animations when interacting with the llama.
Fixed the bug that players cannot ride to tame a new mount.
Fixed the bug causing the exit of Ingall’s Mine level 3 to be blocked.
Fixed the bug preventing the favor points of Antoine and Presley from increasing.
Fixed the character display error in some cutscenes.
Players can get the lift control diagram in the western highland mission. If you have already completed the mission but did not get the diagram, you will get it the next day.
Added cumin in Farm Store.

Part 3:

Hey everyone!

We added a ton of new content for this month’s update, so we didn’t have much time to test everything we wanted to. Thank you all for giving us feedback on all the bugs and design issues that you have faced. Ingall’s Mine Level 3 caused some major concern from players, we’ve taken away the timer and will be adding a “hard mode” level for that ruin in the next major update. We’ve also tweaked the drop rate for the advanced engine, you should get that easy enough if you just follow the main storyline.

Also, removed Redshell, you can read more about it from Team17 here:


Fixed bug where the mission after the Tree Farm mission cannot be triggered. (In this update, the mission can be triggered two days after the loading the game once it's past Febuary 6th first year)
Increased the drop rate of advanced engine in Desert Abandoned Ruins.
Adjusted the reward when clearing Ingall's Mine. Increased the drop rate of the advanced engines and the discs.
Increased the drop rate of the data discs in Abandoned Ruins. They can also be found in chests dug out from the Abandoned Ruins, but need to scan by pressing the F button.
Fixed the bug that the character might be trapped by the water tower when placing it.
Fixed the bug that in the cutscene of Mali first came to Portia there might be two airplanes in it.
Fixed the bug that Ginger keeps following the player after Ginger's Little Wish.
Fixed the bug that Ginger keeps laying on the bed after the mission.
Fixed the bug that harbor crane mission cannot be accepted.
Fixed the bug that the conversations with Gale and Russo are not there in Ginger's tests of marriage.
Fixed the bug that the hint of Grave Visit in map will not disappear.
Fixed the bug where when the helpers are refuelling the generators, the helper will go fetch the fuel in the current storage boxes.
Side quest items can be sold now. The items that belong to expired missions can be sold.
Increased the possibility of taming the llama. And decreased the sales price of llama.
Fixed the bug that the marble street light won't work at night.
Added several foods that can feed mounts.
Fixed the bug that the comprehensive machine cannot craft Igneous Brick.
Fixed the crash when using the sewing machine.
Fixed the crash when adjusting the number of the products in Farm Tree and the operation near Ingall's mine.
Fixed the displaying error in the recipe of red tea and milk tea.
Fixed the UI and the sound effect error in mining and opening the crafting machines.
Fixed the bug where the feed disappears upon reloading the game.
Fixed the missing UI when machines are short on fuel.
Fixed the bug when the comprehensive machine operation gets canceled, the materials that return aren't correct.
Fixed the bug that it will not cost materials while using the sew machine.
Fixed the bug in the doodle mini game, that the horse could block the way.
Fixed the bug when sending gifts on January 1st.
Fixed some NPC pathfinding issues.
Fixed the bug in the inspection mini game.
When sending gifts in wishlist to NPC, the player can also get extra favor points if the specific social skill in the skill tree is selected.
Fixed the displaying error when the crops ripen.
Fixed the content error in some of the UI.
Fixed the crash bug that caused by the high damage.
Fixed some content error.
Fixed the bug where the photo frame cannot be made
Increased the satiety feed can bring to mounts.
Fixed the bug where the damage number of bare hands are too much.
Fixed the bug where the products that the helpers collect will not show up in the resource box.
Fixed the bug where some items will take two exhibition spots in museum.
Fixed the bug in several recipes where they cannot be made. They are recipes for Sweet Stew Mix, Salty Stew Mix, Spicy Stew Mix, and Seafood Stew Mix.
Fixed the bug that when dismounted, the player might fall into waters.
Fixed the description error that only if Pinky becomes your friend, she will follow you home.
Adjusted the score system in inspection mini-game. Players will not score by just clicking complete the game.
Ack will find the materials in the storage boxes when the player asks for cooking.
Adjusted the walking path of taking QQ for the Run QQ Run sidequest.
Decreased the stamina cost for using the shotgun.
Fixed the display error for mission objects in Dana's Mining Company.
Fixed the bug where the pop up mission during dating might cause the game to freeze.
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