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Some information about the upcoming 1.6 release of the mod.

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I don't have much left to do for this final release will be finished, at the moment I only have to set up the new scene and get some music to replace the games native. That should only take a few days at most, then I just have to code all I have done into the warband module system, again that shouldn't take long.

In the meantime you can see the read me for the upcoming release below so enjoy, if you have any questions or suggestions please comment to leave your thoughts.

1.6 Readme
Thank you for downloading this updated release of the 1.5 now named 1.6, there isn't alot new that you will notice but the main addition is a large new scene to explore and new music. That and a few changes here and there to some other stuff that you probably won't notice.

I cut short this new release to work on another new M&B mod based on the anime Bleach, be on the lookout for that. What was cut was another new scene and a overhaul of the mods graphics such as adding bump and spec maps to a ton of materials, that in itself isn't much to be changed and I doubt anyone would notice or complain. Anyway again thank you for downloading the mod and have fun playing, if you run into any problems let me know so I can fix them.
How to Install
Ignore the module system for both M&B and Warband as only go near there if you know what you are doing, that folder is the mods source code which I have included with all or most releases. If you choose to edit anything make them personal edits or if anyone ever makes a ton of changes to improve the mod then let me know and I'll upload it as an add on at moddb.


As usual with mods, dump the folder in the modules folder in the games directory.

As usual with mods for Warband, dump the folder in the modules folder in the games directory. Make sure you find your steam directory first as that's where the game should be located.

Change Log
A New Scene based on Takata Station from real lifeNew Music Replacing the games Native A new companion (Didn't notice there was still a native companion I never replaced)Lowered Zombie Armor (Was too high and your weapons didn't hit them properly)Some item and weapon stat tweaksSome Misc changes

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