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Hi. For one month after the last article I made a lot of updates.I Integrated Steamworks, made ingame Text Chat, M4A1 carbine, Servers List. I added some sounds.

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Hi! For one month after the last article I made a lot of updates in Hot Planet. I Integrated Steamworks, made ingame Text Chat, M4A1 carbine, sounds, Servers List and other cool things. I think it's time to open Alpha Test.

Hot Planet is unusual first person shooter on planets of any forms.

So start to overlook updates in game with screenshots.

Server List

Server list helps to search available servers. Created server automatically added to server list. If the server is turned off, it is removed from the server list.

Text Chat

I made text chat for simple communication on server.

M4A1 carbine

I made low-poly stylized M4A1 and replaced for time AKM, when I make weapon shop, I will return it.



I added shoot and reload sounds for AWM, AKM, M4A1, Beretta 92.

Also I added step sounds.

Steamworks integration

I integrated Steam in Hot Planet and now it has Steam Overlay and uses Staeam Nickname.

How to make server?

1. Check if the game is blocked by firewall.

2. Second-if you are playing across wi-fi, please, redirect ports on router (port is 12045). About redirecting ports you can find information in Internet.

3. Create Server! It automically added to list.

How to connect game with steam

1. Add game to Library in Steam and launch from it.

2. Enjoy! Now Overlay and Nickname works.

How to download

1. Download "Hot Planet Alpha 0.1.1" from game's IndieDB page files and launch(I recommend connect game with Steam).

IMPORTANT! How to join to Alpha Test?

1. Write on my e-mail ( that you want to join the alpha test and download a game.

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