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Spend your Lunar New Year with all of Dark Day Afternoon's horrifying psychological horror games that leave you quaking in your boots. designed to keep you at the edge of your seat at all times! and leave your soul petrified!

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All of Dark Day Afternoon's mind-boggling psychological horror games in a single bundle! Including the newest title "Dawn of Dark Blood!"

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  • Dawn Of Dark Blood: (My most recent game):
    • "Michael, son of a poor maid, gets a letter from
      his mother asking him to visit, as the person for whom she works, has a job for him. But when he arrives troubling and horrifying secrets about the Mansion are uncovered."
      Will he survive? Will he shoot? Will you shoot?
  • A night at Sea:
    • A night at Sea" puts you in the shoes of those three simple oil workers, going about their daily routine, named "Freddy", "John" and "Henry", alone at the oil rig. Trying to survive, an old legend about some Mystical creatures that lurk the sea at night, Feeding of the flesh of any who confronts them.
  • Pretty Visitors:
    • A group of drug addicts calling themselves "Children of Lucifer" decide to "Cleanse" humankind by "Setting them free"... You play as Jacob and Jessica, a married couple who find themselves helpless in this satanic ritual and try to escape to save their lives
  • Dark Day Afternoon (GAME):
    • Three self-made scientists, researching on a way to transform human DNA structure, find themselves in a sea of troubles when one of the "subjects", decides to "escape", and in doing so, kills everyone. YOU ARE A COURIER WHO RECENTLY RECEIVED A SUSPICIOUS PACKAGE TO BE SENT TO A REMOTE LOCATION...
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