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Psychological horror / dramatic tale about past, present, alternate reality and chain of the events connecting them all together.

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Horizon city. Series of landslides lead to a horrible road accident on the city highway. Three people died there - a married couple and a woman, Rose. Only her husband, James, survived. There is an alternate reality where Rose is still alive, though that distorted world is filled with vicious beings, seeking and hunting for you only in the daylight. You're up to play as James and his Alter Ego. The story will face its end once real and fictional worlds stop colliding and everything finally clears up.

EvilAngel - - 600 comments

lolwut? :L

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MrMattWebb - - 1,803 comments


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kazumo - - 1,174 comments

Myeah...I think it will don't work for me, just like Comatose and Attempt to Survive >.<

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Tyen901 - - 61 comments

You are using the Fallout 3 ghouls?

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Fuck_you_Bill - - 23 comments

wtf? мы зомби? круть.....

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Modd2erLover - - 70 comments


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HounderKnight - - 1,660 comments

Very nice work :)

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wazanator - - 761 comments

Some of your translations on the trailer for Horizon are a bit miss worded:
First 2 sentences are good.
Reword sentence 3 to say: "Slowly you feel as if you've been here before"
Reword sentence 4 to say: "Your attempts to remember details is futile"
Rest of the sentences seem fine.

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Aspik Author
Aspik - - 117 comments

Sorry for my bad english :(

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Splinesplitter - - 301 comments

The Glowing One, why are you in Half-Life? You can't live here, it's not the post-apocalypse world! You silly ghoul, go back to Fallout!

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half-life - - 213 comments

looks wicked! :D

oh, and Aspik, you must have a tone of pre-fabs to be able to map so fast.

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SteveZombie - - 3,730 comments

Want this.

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