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We have some news in which we will tell you something about hooking and our progress in the last weeks

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The sea dogs are back with news!
Today we're going to tell you about our main mechanic, how it's used, and how development is progressing.


The point of hooking is that it can be used both to hang onto objects and move towards them (these objects should be rocks for now) and to climb onto objects that you have moved towards (trees for now).

As the game progresses beyond the demo and other terrains are created, the objects will change or new ones will be added as well. The hooking itself should be controlled with the mouse while the player himself is controlled with the keyboard.

The hook has a certain length at which it can be shot, but it can be used 360 degrees around the player. By hooking, the player can move faster by moving from object to object, but also overcome chasms or water should there be a tangible object on the other side.

You can compare it a bit to this mechanic of the latest Wario Ware entry:

There you can shoot a beam that grabbles rings or attack enemies with the same move.

This is a sketch that shows the hooking mechanic

In our sketch we show an example how it will work in our game: The player wants to reach the platform on the down right side.
To do this, he goes to a tree and uses the grappling hook close enough, which causes him to climb up the tree. From there he can go to the higher platform.
After that, however, he encounters an abyss. In order to overcome this and not fall down, he uses his grappling hook, which gets him to the other side, climbs down from the tree and he has reached his goal.


We placed a test object in the world and it is now up and running. Also, we're just getting started on the grappling hook and this will be the main focus for the foreseeable future!

Our artist is working on the character design right now and has some examples for them right now:
Pirate Sketch 1Pirate Sketch 3

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