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This article is perhaps our final one. It gives you infos about the future of the game, cutscenes and where you can download it.

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We may welcome you to this page one last time. This article summarizes the last few weeks leading up to the game's release on

Game Live:
The game can now be downloaded from


At the moment it is still a downloadable alpha, which will be directly replaced by the full version as soon as the game is finished.

Game test 3:
The third game test already contains some animations, but these still have errors. However, it corrects many errors from the 2nd game test and also contains, for example, correct models for the stones. The conducted test gave us information about the future of the game and other questions which we could not ask in the 2nd test.

If you would like to play this test, you can do so here:

If you only want to see the innovations, you can watch this video:

We finished now every cutscene. These will now play before starting the game and tell the story.
Take a look:






Credits Music:
Our artist has also created a new piece of music for the game. It's a variation on the main melody and is played during the credits.

Current state and future of the game:

At the moment there are still delays with the full release because the implementation of the animations turned out to be more difficult than expected. We are still working hard to finish it and you can download the final game on
The game was a university project and ends with this article here.
If we decide to continue the game, new items will also appear here. Please keep an eye on our Instagram ( and our ( page.

If we continue the game we already have some ideas like more tools and functions for the hook. Skills like fire, ice or lightning to overcome obstacles. Different worlds with a theme or a long story telling the cat's navigation.
For this, however, the planned goal must first be achieved.

Thanks to everyone who has read this far. Let's hope to hear from you again.

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