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I have to vent some aggravation at the community here at indieDB, my page for manic digger is constantly being hit with reviews for 1/10 by 'fans' of a similar game most of whom I'm willing to guess haven't even played Manic Digger.

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I ask that unless you HAVE played Manic Digger that you don't review it, the same reason I cannot voice my opinion of the services at the Hilton in London I've never been there or used its service.

So, Please I beg that the people here at IndieDB stop giving false reviews and unnecessarily dropping my games 'review score' simply because they're angry at it being very similar to MineCraft. I realise there is a similarity, there is nothing wrong with having a game that's like another.

Again, all I'm asking is that the reviews are instead based on an honest opinion of people that have actually tried the game. I and the creator of Manic Digger appreciate criticism, we appreciate feedback, we don't appreciate outright short-sighted ignorance.

There is more than enough room on the gaming market for two games of a similar ilk to exist side by side, It may even be mutually beneficial, so all this fan-boy hatred isn't doing anybody any favours.

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