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Homeworld Remastered is upon us, and it looks awesome.

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As you probably already read on Halo Homefront or elsewhere, Homeworld Remastered is nearly here and it looks fantastic. Now, I've been super swamped in other projects and university, so my updates have been few and far between, but I will make time to play it. In addition to time constraints, some of my major holdups for Starside Intercept were demoralizing engine limitations (mainly Z-buffering). With Homeworld Remastered, it looks like many of these limitations have been dealt with. Such engine improvements include:

1. Drastically improved shaders -self explanatory, it just looks a lot better.

2. Ships casting shadows on other ships -this may sound minor, but it really does give a sense of scale when say a cruiser launches from a shipyard and it's in the shadow of the shipyard, or when halo casts a shadow upon itself.

3. Improved shadows -in the original HW2, the shadow resolution was very low, and had jagged looking lines. The new shadows look significantly better.

4. Improved HDR/bloom effects -like the shadows, HW2 had primitive bloom effects that looked too bad to actually implement in a mod. HWR has beautiful HDR effects, god rays, pretty much everything. I think it may even has ships reflecting off of other ships? (field frigate?)

5. 4K resolution -the UI had trouble with higher resolution, not any more. The increased resolution should have other benefits as well.

6. Improved mod support through Steam workshop -I gathered this from watching the PAX panel, no idea how much of an improvement we can expect.

This is just a short list of things that I've been able to see in just the few minutes of gameplay they've shown. No idea if they fixed the Z-clipping issue or not, but it looks fantastic, so I'm definitely interested in taking another thwack at this mod. Most likely I will NOT be able to work on this project until May, just too busy with school. I have a pretty good paying engineering job lined up for the Summer, but I should have more free time then than I do now. I graduate in December with my BSE, maybe more free time after? This is a tentative time table so you can better understand when to expect content updates.


Point 1 - 5 are great grapkic blenders. The game looked good, and the art style and gameplay made it fantastic. So its a positive point, okay.

But Point 6 (and the MP via Steam as a forgotten point 7 ;) is the real deal.

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Isn't the standard solution for z-clipping to reduce the model complexity slightly before the offending distance?

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