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First of all, I would like to take a moment to personally thank each and everyone of you who have supported my project, either by backing me in Kickstarter or by spreading the word. Thank you all! Here's a breakdown of ways to help moving forward.

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At the time that I am writing this, the kickstarter page for this game stands at 12% funded with 22 days left. It means that we are making decent progress so far. But I need your help! I have to balance my time between a job, developing this game, and trying to show it to new people. It's quite a task, but I have found a shaky balance so far. What the Kickstarter aims to do is provide less strain by allowing me to focus more on making this game then the other two.

Ways you could help:
- Think one of your friends might like this sort of game, show it to them! And anyone else really.
- Provide some feedback. I know there is not much to go off of by now, but maybe you have some ideas in how something could be implemented.
- Ask questions. I love questions. Questions make me think of answers. Thinking helps drive this game.
- Back the project on Kickstarter. This will ensure you get a copy when it is finally released, and will help me develop the game at the same time. Win/win.

Have any questions, or suggestions? Post them here and let me at them!

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