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A general overview of Nomadic Factions, using the Moblins as an example.

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Home On the Range

In the last article we took a look at Ruin Factions and how they capture and convert the Ruins on a map into their bases. Today we'll take a look at the third group of factions in the game, simply named Nomadic Factions. With this very self explanatory label, it should not be hard to figure out how these types of factions operate. In fact, the game's current Moblin faction will barely change from how they currently play in the transition between versions. If for some reason you have not played as the Moblins in the current or past versions, here's a basic rundown of how they work.

All Moblin buildings can pack themselves up, and unpack at any location within their territory. In order to generate territory, Moblins create Totems. This basic premise will remain in the next version of Hyrule Conquest, but with some small changes.

First off, Nodes are used to create Moblin Totems. This naturally means that Nodes are still of critical importance to Moblins and other Nomadic factions. In addition to this, while Moblin buildings can deploy anywhere in their territory, unpacking them within the radius of a Totem provides their buildings with increased production speed and defensive bonuses when enemies siege a base. This will naturally be an incentive to create a base around your Totems, even though you might be tempted to unpack your entire base on a cliff side to test out the Moblin skill of fighting gravity.

I guess that's one way to have a wall protecting your base.

While the Moblins are currently the only Nomadic faction in the game, there will be several more added in the future that all have their own quirks. With that being said and the new Node System being tested by Patrons at the moment, I feel that we'll have a new version ready for public release soon. Stay tuned for a new version in the next few weeks, where you'll finally get to try out the new Node bases in action. After that we'll have some news on the highly anticipated and long awaited Minor Factions.

Very Soon...

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