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While, as far as I know, reporting on Holodance has not crossed over to non-VR related media, yet, it's still great to see that it's covered both by VRFocus and UploadVR as well as on various international Virtual Reality sites. Here's an overview. (Updated 2015-08-15)

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Holodance is really meant to be a game that brings people together to dance and enjoy themselves with friends but of course also with people we haven't met, yet - possibly from all over the world. Dancing together can and should cross the borders of different countries and cultures. All the more I'm really happy that not only have there been English and German articles on Holodance (given that narayana games is located in Germany, German is less surprising) - but also quite a few other languages, some of which I didn't even recognize by looking at those articles.

An article in UploadVR from today even has a video that was recorded specifically for that article. This shows Will Mason, the author of that article, playing the game (High Fidelity kindly offered letting Will try Vive demos in their Vive room on the SteamVR Developer Hardware Forum). Here's the video:

And here's the full article from today:
UploadVR (2015-08-08): Dance like nobody else is watching with Holodance VR

Full list of articles in various languages that I'm aware of in reverse chronological order:

Update 2015-08-15:

Original list:

So that's quite nice to have all those people write about Holodance. However, we still need a lot of "Yes-Votes" on Steam Greenlight to get into the Top 100 which would get us much much closer to being greenlit. So:

jashan Author

And there was now also one in Spanish:


And another one in French:

Oculus-Rift.FR (2015-08-14): Le multijoueur d'Holodance expliqué par les développeurs

And more in English:

VRFocus (2015-08-14): Holodance Dev Talks IndieGoGo, Dancing in VR and Multiplayer

VRFocus (2015-08-13): Holodance Dev Explains 'collaborative' VR Multiplayer

UploadVR (2015-08-08): Dance like nobody else is watching with Holodance VR

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