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After a massive blackout on the park, the systems are getting back online, phones working, fences eletrified, and the power is being restored, Jurassic Park is coming back to function!

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It's been quite long time huh? but here we are! After almost, umm, 3 months? let me count, yeah yeah 3 months of inactivity and no responses to what happened to the mod here i am back again, there was many stuff up to me not just work on the mod (well there still these stuff) but, i'm not gonna just abandon it,anyways, TO THE NEWS!

DINOSAURS: Many stuff has been done on the dinosaurs back in april and recently, specifically today lol, many of these updates are in the skin terms, revamping the skins that had some flaws or needed upgrades for accuracy, out of these, we got Dilophosaurus,Trex and Velociraptor:

evolution of skins-Raptor

As you see up here ^ the first version was made back up in november, pretty old, later on back in february of this year i updated the shading of it and added more scale details, and today(yes exactly today) i recolored all the shading to something more like the actual JP Raptor, also it's on my plans to redo the fingers and feet to something more, realistic than just flat claws lol!

Dilophosaurus render

Here you see the newest Dilophosaurus skin, the older one was, too unnatural and too much saturated, so i asked EchoGreen to use his on the mod, the model stay the same, for now, i plan to redo the fingers and feet on this little guy too, also make the frills abit bigger :P


Last but not least, Rexy got minor updates on her skin (since let's admit the damn eyes were weird af) with that Rexy is 90% complete, just needing new Behavior now (yipee!!)

ISLAND: Ok, about the island in general there isn't MUUCH news like the dinosaurs or the buildings, all the flora of the island is currently getting a massive Re-work, since most of it doesn't match much with the style of the mod, currently going to use SpeedTree to develop my own trees, some other things includes the addiction of new birdies, and new skyboxes (god finally), and that's it, maybe on the august article i can get more things but for now that's it...

VEHICLES: Oh hell yeah! 2 vehicles finally done! I present you... the Ford Explorer and the Ingen Personal Helicopter!


(The INGEN Chopper skin still a bit messy i'm still trying to get some realistic shading effect on it, specifically since the game don't have normal maps)

STRUCTURES: Ohhh hell yeah the best part! After all this period of time we finally got a new fence! i guess it's one of the first new fence models on JPOG for now, including the AOG ones, also talking about AOG, i would like to Thank SynchroLight who imported the fence into the game for me,which was a big help! Now, check out the Dilophosaurus Styled Low Fence!

If you look to the right, you will see a herd of the first dinosaurs on out tour...

I know isn't anything really spetacular, but it's already a damn progress on the mod, aaand, talking about the other structures, Visitor Center still on hold sadly since the original JPOG VC is a pretty big mess that i need to fix things here and there, to make it compatible with ours, which will take time!

If you still reading by here you're pretty interested on this mod huh? lol, now serious, thanks for everyone who is supporting the mod and for everyone that didn't lost hope when i got inactive, thanks ya'll! And remember, Spare no Expense!



Edna1 - - 1,617 comments

The Hype is Real!

And Welcome back :D

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ImKazuma - - 130 comments

Nice, thanks for the update!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
YutyTheTitan - - 86 comments

F I N A L L Y !

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
grasn - - 401 comments

I'm wondering where to get this game from? I just can find the disc version.

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Lucca2951 Author
Lucca2951 - - 28 comments
Here, i uploaded it myself, it's safe

Reply Good karma+4 votes
grasn - - 401 comments

Thanks man!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Ædwin - - 76 comments

Better check if you're not running on auxiliary generator...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
c1io - - 20 comments

These raptors looks awesome, dude!

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Noble_De_Director - - 105 comments

This is very amazing progress you made man and that Dilophosarus model is very well detailed how it's standing up more straight than the JPOG model where they look like they are kind of hunched over. The Ford Explorer and that new fence model have gotten me hyped as well. Thanks for the update man, this was great news to hear after coming back from vacation.

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GalaxyMegatron - - 10 comments

I hope things will continue to progress here.

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brhunopaulino - - 2 comments

bom trabalho, não vejo a hora de esta pronto

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