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Mod is Underway, but first some news. I hope you like it when I do this mode, but don't talk early...

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imagesHello Fans of Middle Earth!

As you know, a new mode is coming, Hobbit Mode! There are mostly business, graphic work, code work etc. situations. But the newest news of the new mode is this ...

Character features and scenario of the new mode is about to end!
 I will probably be presenting new scenarios and characters in the coming weeks. 
So be patient. I have just started writing mods, but it will continue for a few years. I will share the innovations
 soon ...

As you know, the Hobbit Mode for BFME has not been released for a long time in Mod Db. I made a decision. 
I was going to make my own Mod!

For now, I only have mod's icon.But in the coming days, a lot of new content and surprises will be waiting for
 you ...

The Author, NumenoreanTalion

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