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Ladies and gentlemen, half life black light is ready to enter the beta stage!

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Hello everyone, today i have to bring you a major update, it has offically (or at least in my mind) has entered into it's beta!yay

Man im tired. anyways, you know how i was gonna use the aa-12? well i just cant figure out how to make it full auto, so i just found a spas model that looked nice and replaced it with that

Half Life Black Light 5 21 2021

epic!!!!! and i also have a new barney model, because i realised that even though im going for glory not realism, its kinda weird how your american allies were russian, so i got a new barney model

Half Life Black Light 5 21 2021 1

sheeeeesh!!! anyways, im getting tired, so heres a video showing off all of the new weapons.

now my next focus for this mod is mapping, once im done with that, i'll fix up some things, and then i'll release this mod! and until next time, goodbye.


That's awesome can't wait to see your map designs in the near future. Also I have said this to every mod creator/developer don't rush it do it in small chucks. Like chapters you can release it all at once or release it in multiple versions for the community to help out that can lead to a better final end goal.

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SomeGame Author

Im gonna take my time with this mod, but i am thinking about releasing some sort of demo some time.

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Oh yeah no problem that's actually that's good releasing demo's for us to help you out.

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Very nice ! being 12 years old and learning each time more and more you will be able to create very good MOD with better skills and get us surprised ! so continue on this way !!!!

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