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Beta 2.0.1 introduces several gameplay balance changes, lots of bugfixes, new music tracks and fixes matchmaking.

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After getting some feedback since Beta 2.0.0 was released a few weeks ago, we have released a patch to Beta 2.0.1. 2.0.1 features some gameplay balance changes, several new music tracks, and a lot of bugfixes. Searching for games (matchmaking) has been fixed and now searches for games worldwide instead of by region, so it should be easier to find games to join.

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For those of you who installed with Desura, simply launch Desura and update HL2:Wars automatically that way (remember, Desura is only needed to install/patch HL2:Wars but does not need to be running to play - once it is installed and updated you can launch through Steam like any other mod). For those of you who installed with the ZIP archive, we have also released a patch ZIP file that weighs in at 242mb. You can download the Beta 2.0.1 patch zip on ModDB.


Full changelog for Wars 2.0.1:

* Increased floor turret health from 150 to 300
* Increased floor turret damage from 6 to 12
* Increased health mountable turret from 150 to 400
* Increased damage mountable turret from 12 to 20
* Increased cooldown deploying manhacks from 15 to 35 seconds
* Increased damage rebel rpg unit from 60 to 120

* New track: Atmospheric Disturbances
* New track: Now is the Hour
* New track: Uprising

* Improved navigation mesh hlw_synth

* Public games matchmaking now searches for games world wide, instead of the default Alien Swarm region based behavior
* Default number of slots in matchmaking is now 16 (instead of 4)
* Public games panel now shows the map name instead of "Unknown Mission"
* Cannot build mounted turret as rebels in Overrun
* Rebel soldier with AR2 weapon is missing the running animation while shooting (T-Pose)
* Overrun offers the infected option as enemy, which should only be shown if Left 4 Dead 1 is mounted
* Unable to move using the arrow keys in spectator mode
* Broken "Cancel" ability buildings while constructing
* Fixed empty rts key config resulting in a broken game
* Combine energy ball now does a fixed amount of damage against buildings
* Combine elite soldier not attacking after executing the combine energy ball ability
* Cloaked units can no longer capture control points
* Manhacks no longer emit sparks when bumping into friendly or neutral units

* Initial prepare time is now much shorter and keeps increasing until wave 7, at which it starts decreasing again


what? we have to mount Left 4 dead? it would have been nice if you told us this before, It's not a big deal for me, I have the game, just rather annoying since I never actually play it.

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No, you don't have to)) it's just an option.
You need to install HL2 Ep2 and Alien Swarm only, the latter is free))

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I like it so :3

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noone plays it D:

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