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Believe it or not....I'm still here. Work on this mod has fired back up and we intend to finish what we started.

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Edit: I updated a
few screenshots with new light environment settings and the destroyed
Citadel background, trying to make the atmosphere a little more
realistic and post-war

Well it's been 4 months since the last update to this mod. I'm sure most of you have all but forgotten about this mod and I wouldn't blame you. As we all know the Source SDK has been majorly FUBAR'D and has put a strangle on many of the mods in development around here. I will not use that as my only excuse though.....quite honestly I just haven't had the time or motivation to devote to getting this completed in a timely manor.
But reflecting back on all the time already invested in this and the fact that I refuse to just let this go to waste, I intend on completing this mod as promised and as time allows. I really do enjoy designing in SDK and although I am still very much a rookie at this, I want to finish what I started with this mod.

Where I left off 4 months ago I had begun work on the Water Treatment Plant and open city environment. I have since jumped back into it and snapped a few screens to upload and share. Enjoy and hope to bring more soon. Stay tuned and stay faithful. We will get this done!



There is absolutely nothing wrong with releasing in parts. You can get playtest feedback and improve the existing maps, and you will gain the morale and inspiration you need to push onward. Keep it up, good job so far.

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