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Here is the list of full features included in incoming update, its a very big update, even if the list seems to look short. List will get more detailed with progress.

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  1. Partially changed UI for a nicer one (character choose menu, wave titles);
  2. Chosen character will be used 'till game over;
  3. Locust Spawn System changed and fixed;
  4. More balanced waves(easy would be "easy");
  5. Waves no more depends on Wavetypes (Beast slay, Assasination)(some wavetypes will influence waves, like classic or lambency);
  6. Four or Five wavetypes (i'm considering one additional wavetype)
  7. Currently implemented wavetypes will be Fixed, more complex, sophisticated, and easier to complete.
  8. Lambent assault will be removed(reason,: too many diffirent variants of this wavetypes would born million of bugs and eventual crashes)
  9. New Wavetype - Lambency; more infos in near future;
  10. Gameplay parted on five difficulties(easy, normal, hard, insane, total nightmare)
  11. Beast slay wavetype spawning system changed - instead of 8 difficultes lvls would be 5 but on each 5 difficulties player has a chance to slay 3 diffirent beasts(instead of 8 so player has chance to fight 15 diffirent beasts);
  12. Assasination rulse changed - no more recoon squad, locust leader spawned immidietely and would have 2 wingmans(which would die if leader dies first)
  13. Classic wavetype - only this wavetype can provide locust reinforcements
  14. Objectievs from wavetypes would be changed and added
  15. Custom locust fixed, and changed respawn method, now in some cases modder would not be limited by old spawn system;
  16. Lambent creatures will be added;
  17. Back camera will be removed;
  18. Some ability prices will be lowered;
  19. New command Center options
  20. (optional) Fortifications

List can be changed with development progress. List describes my goals and achived things.

As I said later, I had experimented with chainsaw duel - i think its possible to put a simple and kinda buggy minigame, but its too complicated for now, so chainsaw duels would not be a part of upcoming update.


love chainsaw duel in future.

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