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Hive Quest - Magic and Mystery in the Wild Woods - game dev update!

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Life in the Old Orchard continues to grow and the end of another week sees new features added to Hive Quest.

The focus this week is on the importance of a healthy, balanced diet.

As the omnipresent Hive Mind, you know how important it is to keep your hard working drones and Hive Queen well fed with healthy, nutritious treats so The Hive can keep expanding, exploring and moving forward.

But we live in an ever changing world arrow

Rotten to the core!

Problem is, The Hive needs food to survive. The rotten apples found sometimes hanging from the twisted branches of the Old Orchard are difficult to find. All too soon the little grubs infesting these rancid fruit are gathered and taken back to the Hive for munching by your tribe, but when they run out and there's no more to be found, what then?


Sitting around hoping the problem will resolve itself will only result in a hungry and impatient Hive Queen.

'More food!' Will be the angry cry. So this week I went searching further afield and found a new, fun, and wholly nutritious food source that also doubles as a cute play mate!

Yup - caterpillars! The friend you can eat!

Seriously, I had so much fun creating these little critters, and then working them into Hive Quest......they are going to be just one of a variety of interactive food sources to be found throughout the Old Orchard.

Thanks for getting this far.....:) More indie dev news on its way.

Find me - @RodatGHG

Caterpillar life



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