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Some time has passed since Reaper Edition publish. So much happened in my personal life, that I've decided to step aside and live my own life. Until this year started.

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After finishing enough rounds of versus, waves of horde, and chapters of escape in Gears 5, I got bored. Then, playing other games got me bored too, but getting a new PC was the main reason I got back to this mod.


I've recreated my code and started to patch most visible bugs at the end of 2020. Then I thought - Maybe it needs something new, I had ideas back then. So I started to add things. Almost moth passed And I want to show you some clips. Get Ready:

New Weapons:

New Fortifications:

And Many fixes are awaiting publishing - but that is not time for it now. More of What will be changed in H.I.V.E will be posted in Future. Cya guys.

PS.: Full Gameplay is here



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bmbr1990 Author

as always :)

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I wish I could play this, but I cant download my copy of GoW1 anywhere. Thanks microsoft

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We can help you get the game

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Oh wow you got gears judgement weapons working like the tripwire bow!
That's really awesome!
I was going to port weapons to gears 1 but you did a way better job than I would've!!!
And I like the dropshot you made, the only weapon I really liked from Gears 4 and Gears 5!

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