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Four and a half year passed since last H.I.V.E Mode update made by me. Of course I'm not counting uploading models packs for some maps that were needing it. After some events occured in my life, I've decided to do some things in Gears once again. I don't know how long it will last, hopefully it wont end on this one mappack.

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FIRSTLY - Thanks for Bobfuria for sending me some of old classics that were vanished from web - without his help those maps could be forgotten forever.

This map pack will contain some very old maps made by Gears community. Maps are:

1. Bloodstrike made by FoxHoundcn map was Submited for Make Something unreal contest Phase 4 in categories:
- MSU Phase 4:Best Level for Game Mod
- MSU Phase 4:Best Graphics in Map

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2. Construct made by Kantham. Map has really similar art design as GFoW 4 Foundation - but it would be more fair to say that Foundation was created AFTER Construct.


3. Crash made by Kantham - map located in some desert area, where the wreck of Raven Helicopter is located.


4. Old City made by M3rl1n - you are at the site of and old castle - use its advantages to beat locust horde


5. Valley made By ISMIK - map based on some fragment of Goriginal Gears Campaign -currently I can't recall on what time this battle is situated in Campaign - Warning only uncooked version of map works.

Thank you Guys that you're enjoying my mod, I appreciate that. This Map Pack will be Available on 08:00 PM CET on 16th October.


Construct was made by Kantham.

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bmbr1990 Author

Thanks :D

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valley is pc only, before the brumak battle

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