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A new version is already out with a bunch of improvement and a new cool soundtrack. Read details for soundtrack preview and full changelog

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A new version is already out with a bunch of improvement and a new cool soundtrack you can listen here:

Full Changelog:

o Pygalisk health reduced by 20%
o Fatty health increased by 12%
o Aberration health increased by 20%
o Ghost health reduced by 50%, damage increased by 60%, attack speed reduced by 33% and range increased by 15%

o Added new music and ambience soundtracks made by Crewdroy
o Pheromone dispencer is now easier to dismiss with a keeper's hand slap
o Creatures can now be dropped only on conquered allied territory
o Added minimap icons for hive hearts and portals
o Increased map voting time to 20 seconds
o Spawn drone can now be casted only on friendly territory
o Added 3 starting digged rooms on underground bunkers map
o Disabled the wrong workers amount text shown while hovering the hive heart

o Removed unnecessary AI triggers running on feederlings, map performances got boosted and the freeze bug may have been fixed too
o Fixed issue that was preventing the slap of owned creatures in enemy territory, including pheromone dispencer for dismiss
o The use of abilities during possession has been temporarly disabled due to severe bugs encountered
o Possession is now properly interrupted when the possessed creature becomes unconscious or dies
o Fixed AI issue that was causing creatures to not eat feederlings positioned on hatchery borders
o Fixed build button black background not showing properly
o Creep spreading sound is now world positioned


new version? sweet

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