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Hi guys! It's about time to give you some update and, as you know, not much time left for upcoming release. So Here is full list of featured content you'll be able to play with:

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1. More maps to play:

You won't be forced to play only on Security, with upcoming release you'll be able to play on:
- Security
- Outpost
- ClockTower
- Gridlock
- WarMachine

also after couple days I publish other 5 maps.

2. Characters to play:
It will be similar to previous releases but I've changed some things.

Playable Characters:
- From GoW 1: Marcus, Dom, Cole, Baird, Kim, Carmine, Hoffman
- From GoW 2: Tai
- From GoW 3: Marcus, Dom, Cole, Baird, Clayton Carmine, Hoffman, Dizzy, Anya, Samantha Byrne, Bernadette, Prescott, Jace, Griffin, Adam Fenix, Onyx Guard.
All new GoW 3 Characters will be properly voiced - Used Gears of War 3 sounds to voice them, also all corrupted faces will be repaired.

Removed Characters:
Trashball Cole

Not Playable Characters:
3. New Weapons:
Yes! this will be first modification which would provide new Weapons, but some of them wont work as in Gears of War 3 - hope you know why.

List of new Weapons:
- Hammerburst II
- Gorgon Pistol
- Mulcher
- One Shot
- Retro Lancer
- Sawed Off Shotgun
- New Lancer Model

Also some of those weapons will be using sounds from Gears of War 3.

4. New Locusts to fight:
You would be able to fight custom locusts in previous releases, this part of mod has been changed extremally.

You may encounter this locusts:
- Armored Kantus; He is almost indestructible, can be damaged by explosive weapons or oneshot.
- Corpser Larva; Watch out for his attacks.
- Beast Rider; He will appear in couple variation based on wave progress.
- Cyclops; Like beast rider diffirent variation with progress
- Bloodmounts; Very Though opponent
- Butcher; Slow and angry Boomer
- Bolter; He is like Clint Eastwood - Wields the biggest revolver in game;
- Drones; wields Hammerburst II
- Grinder; Its like armored truck with big gun.
- Wretch; for shooting practise.
- Ticker; Walking Bomb-Boomer; nothing to describe, everyone knows who is he.
- Grenadier; with his Elite Version is primary source of Shotgun Ammo
- Hunter; is stronger version of drone, wields Lancer Mk2
- Hunter Elite; Even stronger Hunter, wields Torque Bow
- Theron;
- Palace Guard;
- Kantus; wields gorgon pistol
- Savage Drones; wields retro lancer
- Savage Grenadier-Savage Grenadier Elite
- Savage Theron, wields sawed off shotgun
- Sniper Drone

Removed Locusts:
- Flame Boomer
- Flame Drone
- Sire

Planned to add until release:
Savage Boomer - Only Skin

Most of Locust are voiced properly - some of them says nothing, Also I've Changed Spawn System, Now its based on difficulty and every locust class has minimum and maximum difficulty appearance.

5.Gameplay Mechanics

- Money System; very extended from previous version
- Objective System; Now Objective Spawns not every wave so you can feel not overwhelmed by power locusts.
- newer HUD; now you dont hit any button to see what wave is it - and scoreboard has been changed
- Life system; no lives anymore, now if you have cash you can respawn as many times as you want to;
- Achivements - it will be only for show - there are not much of them
- Boss waves: 10th wave - berzerker, 15th wave - RAAM, 25th wave - Myrrah
- new Pickup system - based on HORDE 2.0 pickups - if you have enough cash you can pickup them.
- new Weapon Garbage Collection - every dropped weapons are cleared with every new wave beginning
- Teammates - Respawns every wave start, also they can revive other teammates. Maximum number 5 start number 2 you can buy 1 for 5000$ and if you reach max number for 5000$ you can respawn them.
- Totally changed command center - Now you dont start wave in command center it starts automatically. it will bring some new functionallity
* Buy Teammate
* Buy Heavy Guard - Spawns Onyx Guard with mulcher

Listed but not implemented:
* fortifications
* Silverback
those can be seen in command center but can't be bought

Removed features:
- Hand Console - totally useless tool
- Bullet Time - but it will appear in some later release
- changing teammate equipment - now teammates has random weapons.
- buying new equipment - will be added in later release

Hopefully listed all features of upcoming release(if I missed something - you can see that on videos i posted on youtube),

Important notes:
- All content will be cooked - so you have to prepare for 130MB Maps size and small
versions of packages
- new installation - You will have to remove previous version of mod, but for now wait for new installation tutorial.
- localization - Now some parts can be localized

Ok thats it for now. New version will be published 19th or 20th September. so 2 weeks left for ultimate mayhem :D.

See you later guys.



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thanks im from mexico very thaks

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