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Since newer versions of GZDoom and LZDoom removed the old JDoom method of using high resolution textures, a lot of these texture packages don't work anymore. It's an easy fix tbh but I can't really find any updated versions. So here is one I found with a lot of high res textures for Ultimate Doom, Doom II, Plutonia and TNT. I simply moved the textures into the right folder and now you can use them with modern GZDoom ports.

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High Resolution Texture Pack for GZDoom and LZDoom

The newer ports of GZDoom and LZDoom removed the old method of JDoom's high resolution textures and made it a more simple task to do. Unfortunately this broke all the old highRes texture packs. So here is one I found which seems to be a very complete set. Credits go to the original creators ofc.

Image 5

Image 4

Image 3

Image 1


In my opinion they're almost all great except for a few which I totally hate,
e.g. the walls in the last screenshot there.
Pity. Nice work though.

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