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A little lore of Slinky Slub, one of the Hitball Arena galactic tournament contestants.

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Born in the cold, wet and little known planet Kalyke, Slinky Slub spent his childhood with his family in Reptilia city.

Kalyke planet

One day, when Slinky Slub was still a child, a Hitball player known by the name Hector Ramirez visited Kalyke, watched Slinky Slub playing Hitball with his young friends and noticed that the kid had great potential in a career as Hitball player. Hector joined the kid's game and gave Slinky Slub some valuable advices. From that moment on, Slinky fell in love with the sport and decided that he one day would also be a Hitball player and follow the footsteps of his new idol, Hector Ramirez.

slinkySlub Idle

Hitball wasn't a popular sport in Kalyke, so Slinky Slub had to travel to other planets to play against players of his level of skill.

After placing 1st in various small championships, Slinky Slub was invited to play in the big leagues and galactic tournaments.

Leaving home was quite a difficult task to Slinky Slub because he had a very close and loving family and was very attached to them.

Reptilia city Arena

As Slinky Slub became a famous Hitball player, people from around the universe came to know the little planet of Kalyke, and the planet population started to also love Hitball as Slinky does.

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