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We just got a Mac version! Fan made yes, but it works :D

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Hello Paddle Wars: Hit The Wall fans, I came gladly to say that a fellow fan of the game compiled the engine for Mac OS X and gave me that nicely packaged DMG file.

Unfortunately, music don't worked, but worry not, the game is still awesome!

So, even if the version is old (it is Prototype 3, not the newest cool Beta one seen on the trailer), it is worth a shot for all those Mac people that were dieing to play the game (I know you were, because the game is really cool, and anyone want cool games, specially Mac people).

Jam (the author of this compilation) said that this was his contribution for the IOTY, so I give public thumbs up to Jam, and he will feature in the credits!

This will be the last big news for a while, the Beta will be probably released (public or closed, depending of how good we go at IOTY, but released anyway) in around 20 to 30 days if everything work right. (yes, XMAS beta to you!).

And in January the final version will be released during Campus Party, with a competition on a arcade machine (yes, we will make an arcade machine, and yes, interested people will be able to order machines, or the board, or software, or something like that...).

I am really excited myself, that I will end this project with a really cool game in a authentic arcade machine in my bedroom, I always wanted that :D But noone would let me do it if it was not work... :P

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Erm, I forgot to post on the news the link to the download!

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