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As it says on the tin, i just like to tell about the reason behind this archive for those who are curious.

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Websites come and goes. When you host a website, you have to maintain it one way or another, may it be by running your own server, either at home or via a 3rd party company who hosts such sites.

Due to the age of many websites since the 90s, many of them have began to decay and disappear. There was a Klick n Play game i used to play alot in school called South Park: And The Magic Master. A funny yet interesting game that had some really nicely selected music. Cerberus was also a Klick n Play game i used to play, and it was incredible by the fact that the game it its own save/password system, and it was incredibly well made. Both of them where hosted on back in the day, wich sadly, does not exist anymore, and thus, both games and countless other shareware vanished.

The reason for brining that up is that, old sites that had Homeworld 1 and Cataclysm mods are long gone, and those that still exist, either have their download links dead, or they are slowly decaying. Jst-Online is one such site that, while it was preserving Homewold 1 and Cataclysm mods, is now gone too and i dont know when it will come back. It has disapeared before and made its return again later on.

But for now, it doesnt look like that it will return, as i have found no information regarding it. It is waht made me ultimatly create this mod section, to preserve history.

These mods where made during the early years of the internet when it was still young, back when fast internet was a luxery, and floppy discs where common.

I ask of you fellow users, if you have mods that is not in this archive, please do tell and give me a link via private messages so we can preserve history togheter. Considering the tools and limitations that these modders had to use, it be a shame if their mods would disappear into the void of oblivion.

I thank you all for your contribution. Kharak be with you.

Aussie_Mantis - - 1 comments

Thanks for keeping the memories alive, man. I remember back in the day when I'd just sit down with my dad and play HW Cataclysm and Starcraft BW fo' days.

Really brings a tear to my eye when I see all the Old mods that I used to play all back before my eyes again.

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Mama_Sasha Author
Mama_Sasha - - 121 comments

Im glad to hear that fellow HW fan. Its what i wanna do, to keep history alive the best i can. Nobody else is currently doing it as far as i know so, here they are heh.

Its been a real struggle in finding the old mods. Some of them where found by absolute pure luck.

Uf you ever happen to find old mods from HW or HWC, you let me know and we archive it.

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