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Three-month project and a very difficult game to play, with a story filled with science fiction in a world about to end.

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The entire game was made in LIBGDX, the Sospace was the company's first project to learn more about this tool, which ended up liking the design and publishing. All graphics were made in the form of simple vector design made in four colors levels. There is only one person behind the game and it is expected that in the future make some partnerships to improve games to be launched.
This project took three months to complete and we are trying to release new updates with new content whenever possible.

[History Line]

With the advancement of the human population and the indiscriminate use of water and mineral resources of our planet, the earth that for a long time it remained inert , began to respond with climate disasters and later, a sudden cooling of the core, causing a huge catastrophe around eco- system. Even with all the technology , all options to try to reverse the natural process of planet deterioration have failed. The Human race, in your last hopeful attempt to save the then selfs , sent an SOS signal to the space .By a miracle the SOS reached a faraway solar system where a great civilization interceded. Our mission now is lead the alien ship to the Center of the Planet Earth and repair the damaging effects that have caused for so long!

[How To Play]

  • Lead the Space Ship!
  • Tap and the ship will follow to the place!
  • Avoid all obstacles and barriers!
  • Tap on middle of the Spaceship to unleash the special power
  • Dont let the ship explode!
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