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An update on the progress of the mod, as well as new Highlanders and Bavarian troops.

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Firstly, an update on the mod's recent progress. Art wise everything is steaming along, with the uniforms nearly completion and more work on scene props being done. Soon enough will be done for heavy work on scenes to start.

Multiplayer, too, progresses excellently. The basics of gameplay are complete and Wolfstar (who's doing the multiplayer coding, remember) is now working on a brilliant new system for selecting your class, where you'll be able to simply choose your faction, class, regiment and different uniform items and weapons all on one screen.

If the multiplayer is done significantly before the singleplayer is ready to go, we may consider releasing it first. Don't worry about the multiplayer delaying the single, though, as singleplayer remains my main prioity and very little effort is required of me for the multiplayer, which is primarily made by Wolfstar.

Now we have a somewhat eclectic mixture of new units to show. First is the new Highlander uniform. The old Highlanders were simply using the Foot Guard coat before, so when it came time to make the Highlanders a proper coat I realised that the old British equipment (which was one of the first things I made for the mod) would look like rubbish next to the fancy new Highlanders. I also figured if I'm redoing the everything I may as well knock out a new kilt, too. So all of the Highlander's uniform is new, save for the hat, down to the canteen and haversack.

Also shown is the Bavarian Leib-Regiment, the senior most infantry of the Bavarian army. During the War of the Fifth Coalition they fought extensively during the Bavarian phase of the war, forming part of the 1st Division under Crown-Prince Ludwig. In the mod they represent the most elite line infantry available to the Confederation of the Rhine.

Highlanders and Bavarians Highlanders and BavariansHighlanders and BavariansHighlanders and BavariansHighlanders and BavariansHighlanders and Bavarians

Thanks for reading. In hope it was enlightening. You may also notice I've linked my new twitter account to the mod. I'll be posting some exclusive updates and bits of information from time to time, in addition to whatever stupid things I feel like sharing with the world. So, follow me if you'd like.

Now it's back to the dungeon for me---I've work to do.

Until next time!

tpwoods28 - - 13 comments

Those are some of the most detailed, high fidelity models I have ever seen for Warband. The work you guys are doing is unbelievable, keep it up.

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Soulshaper2 - - 69 comments

i might just boot up the the old warband and give it a spin again!

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Guest - - 688,950 comments

Can't wait to play Multi-Player congrats to the development team

hopefully multi-player will be released first I prefer MP to SP

I still want to play as Duchy Od Warszawskie

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Bluehawk - - 596 comments

You'll have to settle for a Księstwo instead.

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Sanguinius - - 5,719 comments

Amazing work as always. This is how Napoleonic Wars should have been...

I'm happy your main focus is Singleplayer, can't wait.

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Cake!:D - - 1,860 comments

Excellent work!

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SantaofDeath - - 710 comments

Everytime i check your updates i find myelf asking "This is a mod?"
followed by, "This is a mod for Warband!?"

Your work is amazing and this post just made my day.

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Silvermarch - - 569 comments


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nikolas5243 - - 233 comments

wow so nice!

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leathery - - 195 comments

Such an extremely high quality mod is very pleasing to see. Is there any chance of us getting a release by the new year?

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Docm30 Author
Docm30 - - 775 comments

There's a chance, what kind of chance I don't know.

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Guest - - 688,950 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

5225Jack - - 1 comments

Is there somewhere I can find a troop tree, love the mod

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