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The article is devoted to changes in the original graphics High Definition Graphic Pack.

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Probably, many, like me, are tired of vanilla trees, mountains, roads, bridges and the very texture of the company map. Therefore, having noticed these moments, I decided to correct them. Here is an example of vanilla trees:


8 1

And here are examples of modified trees:



Vanilla bridge example:


An example of a modified bridge:

5 1

Vanilla mountains example:3

An example of modified mountains:15

Vanilla company texture example:2 1

An example of a modified company texture:10

And here is an example of a company texture from Napoleon Total War:9

As you can see, the changed texture of the company is fully consistent with the texture of Napoleon's Total War company. More changes will be added in the future to make the graphics in Empire even better. Also my special thanks to Phantomtech4k who made the graphics I modified. Link to the original Phantomtech4k modification

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