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Sad news for the fans of this mod. Don't worry, there is still some hope.

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I am sorry to say this, but the mod development is in trouble.

In these past few months or so, I had very little time for working on the mod. Another huge problem is that I have noone to help me out. I haven't seen the other two original devs for quite a long time (several years) and I cannot work on this thing alone. I have been constantly bombarded by voice actor requedts and that is cool and all, but what this mod modt needs right now is a proper core development team. I have been contacted by just one modeler and that's it. In order for this thing to get released, coders, level designers etc. are needed but noone has ever contacted me about this. The mod is currently on hiatus until a proper dev team is formed. Meanwhile think of the discord server as a hub where you can talk about anything including the mod, but god knows when the development will get resumed


Hi, MartinKosecky5!

So say - keep your way. After hard times should comes better.
As a break from problem, I can offer you to participate in one of my mods. If you want to learn more, join the discord server.
And I can also provide it for discussion and work on your mod, if it is still relevant for you.

With best regards,
Protok St

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