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Rundown of what has happened lately, and what will NEED to happen.

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Okay. School is back in session as of after today- Tuesday, now Wednesday, since it is Midnight right now. So, I won't be doing any more concepts until I return from school until 3:45 to 4:15-4:20 at the least. My bus has to pick up students from 3 different schools- pre-k, elementary, and middle. Although I live close, the time it takes to load increases the time it takes for me to get home, so my speed will be slowed significantly.

Once I get back home, I'll TRY to get down to making my concepts. I've been reduced to having to rip the pages out containing my concepts to make sure they stay in my room so I can focus on getting them. I've been obsessed with Minecraft and building the Dwarven city from Lord of the Rings, Battle for Middle-Earth II known in the game (LOTR:BFMEII) as Erebor, which is also the main location of the book, the Hobbit, written by J.R.R. Tolkien, now being made into 3 separate movies. I've had to be on epic hiatus since Saturday when I first started building Erebor, which means that I accidentally made a promise I didn't think I would not keep, so for that, I truly apologize. So here's the rundown of what I need to do: When I've finished a concept, I will post the design on here for the public. If I do not post one, the public and trackers are to harass me like crazy until I finally reduce down to doing it. This will keep me on a tight leash to ensure I get things done like I should be doing. Be warned: I might get a little ticked after a while of being harassed. So, KEEP HARASSING ME REGARDLESS!! I NEED that to happen!

That's the rundown. Keeping you posted!! ;)


Well good luck with that, will be watching this mod. Alot of sketches you dumped in the images section, nice to see that your doing concepts as that will make the modelling easier.

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Inderezzed Author

thats why the IPAP structures (except the capital factory) are in the images as well as the Vertey's frigate factory. ;)

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