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After getting lost in the Iranian Desert you wonder upon a strange compound. Exhausted and dying of thrust this is a welcome site. It seems you are All Alone and all you find is a Dictaphone, Water and a strange book titled the "Word of Cyrus" No combat just exploration with a gripping story and atmosphere to give you a chill even in the heat.

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OK Some people might get confused but I have made some bullet points about the project

Mainly All Alone is a Love letter to Chinese room for making Dear Esther which I Loved and I want more games like it but since a lot of companies aren’t willing to take the risks that Dear Esther experimented with I want to give it a shot while improving my skills as a game designer.

  • An experiment in minimalism in
    video games- Only with 3 colours and simple geometric shapes are players
    able to understand the environment around them and are able to navigate in
    a minimal environment
  • Power of imagination- it is
    easier to scare yourself can I create a tense environment in a less
    graphical game or have audiences demand for greater quality graphics
    dulled Peoples imagination?
  • No fighting- is there an
    audience for experience only games? No real game play mechanics just the
    exploration of an environment and a story to go with it.
  • Writing- Dear Esther had
    brilliant writing and a varying story so I want to see if it is possible
    to use a more structured story without giving away the secret.

I'm still looking for people to help out in any way they can especially


I would like to help.
I am a graphic designer in my final year of studies (to get my bachelor's degree)
I don't know much about coding (But I really want to learn)

I know a bit about 3D design
I know quite a bit on sound design (depending on what you would like done).
I know ALOT about 2D design/Graphic Design (go figure right? :P)

I am a huge fan of the horror genre as well as minimalist design
and would love to take part in helping develope something like this.

Please PM me and let me know how I can help you!

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