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Here is what I have been working on for the few previous weeks :

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Many new little things added :

-unit size overall fix

-new abilities for some heroes (Corruption Urge, Fanatic Devotion, Summon the Crows..)

-fixed Darkspawn leader that were unable to receive heal from death coil (set to : undead)

-fixed royal guards for pink

-fixed Bloodlust for Dark Spawn emmisaries

-replaced models for Royal Guards and Seekers

-removed Blink ability for Starfang. (item)

-added a "Summoning" ability for Darkspawn Bases (Dead Trenches, Chaos Altar and Tower of Corruption) and the ability to build Ghouls from it

-started working on -sophia path for gray

-started thinking about ideas for LB and DG path

-"new" path for red : -anora alistair, if Alistair is lvl 6 and that Loghain is dead, red can have both Anora and Alistair heroes.

-Next feature planned : Gray warden "Origins" choice

-abandonned plans for Research tree and improved economy for now

What's planned for next update ? (next Monday)

-sophia path and origins choices for gray

-new tooltips for abilities (more useful)

-new path for DG and LB

-new events for the previously released and lacking content path (templar, exalted march

What COULD POSSSIBLY be added ?

-a couple of new research for all factions

-random new units

-easter eggs

-new items


Can't Wait.

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Same Here.

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StellarAngel Author

Well this was released quite a long time ago but Makemehost (map hosting site) hacked the version and made me quite mad at the wc3 community for a while. Nevertheless Im back and will re upload it pretty soon :à

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