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Heroes 7 2.0 is released! This is the final release of Heroes 7 2.0. This is the release of Heroes 7 Mod 2.0. It contains all the files needed to play. It includes all the missions, sound, videos, and the mod itself.

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dday 3 map or Day of Infamy is missing soundtracks. Please download the standalone version. Thanks.


I have finally finalized the mod to re-release it a second time. Heroes 7 2.0!

Bugs and gamebreaking bugs are fixed, for the most part. Levels have been redone as well.

This is the final release of Heroes 7 2.0.

This is the release of Heroes 7 Mod 2.0. It contains all the files needed to play. It includes all the missions, sound, videos, and the mod itself.

An auto-updater is complicated to setup at the moment to setup. If I ever make one in the future, it would be a separate application. And it may be a .bat or any form of script file to keep things simple.

You could also go here to fetch the latest files currently but you'll have to manually place them in the Call of Duty 4 folder. Check the update.txt file for the date.

Be sure to read the readme for more information.

The mod has been revised. See changelog below. It also contains a custom main menu so it is easier to load the levels. You can create a new profile and start a new game.

Major Changelogs:
- Heroes 7 Part 1 has been redone but you can also play the original version from the Mission Selection screen.
- Heroes 7 Part 2 has a slight tweak. No major changes have been done.
- Heroes 7 Part 3 Prologue has a slight tweak. Player now has to press the trigger to sleep to avoid accidental triggering.
- Heroes 7 Part 3 Episode 1 setup defense time has decreased. Tweaked the level a bit. Included the end-of-mission-credits in level.
- Part 3 Episode 2 has been reworked to some extend due to lost files. Should be mostly the same.
- Part 3 Episode 3 has slight modifications.
- Part 3 Episode 6 Harbordam has been redone to break an unplayablilty when entering the city. RTS mode is no longer forced. Also shortened defense time at the town square. Added additional savepoints.
- Part 3 Episode 6 D-Day has slight modifications. One additional airstrike to coincide with the Harbordam level.
- Part 3 Episode 6 A Bridge Too Far has been revised so helicopter gameplay is no longer forced. Fixed a critical blockage when trying to access the bonus ending. Other tweaks applied.
- Part 4 Episode 1 Yesterday has added additional savepoints mainly near the beginning of the level.
- Part 5 has removed a gamebreaking bug after the helicopter scene. There was no sound. Helicopter scene has been removed and is a standalone mission. The bad ending now exits the level.
- Added in some bonus maps including a helicopter training mission. It is also the standalone helicopter mission from Part 5.
- A few other tweaks and fixes have been applied.

A shortcut has been created. Locate the shortcut in the Call of Duty 4 root folder and place it on the desktop. Change the target and start in file location in the properties to the Call of Duty 4 folder. Or create a new shortcut of the iw3sp.exe. Copy the parameters over from the already created shortcut. These are the parameters: +seta fs_game mods/Heroes 7 +seta sv_cheats 1 + seta thereisacow 1337

Cheats are optional but the fs_game parameter is most important to run the mod.

Should you have any questions or comments, please post on the mod page at

Additional music credits:

Destiny of the Chosen - Immediate Music

Sanctus Immortale - Immediate Music

Mercurial - Immediate Music

Pandora's Heaven - Immediate Music

Vindicator - Immediate Music

The Day Is At Hand - Immediate Music

Highway to Hell - ACDC

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