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This update brings back missions, simplifies ultimates and improves the stability of the mod. It also makes it compatible with the latest H55 Rc16 version.

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Finally, the time has come to release new version of Frax, with missions back!

On surface, not much has changed since latest version. However, under the surface, the scripts went through a major rewrite. This will make Frax more stable (expect less critical bugs), and it will also make future updates to latest H55 version much, much simpler, and therefore, quicker.

Apart from missions, the second biggest change is simplification of the process of acquiring new Ultimates. Now, each hero gets to choose out of 2 random ultimates, once they acquire expert mastery and 2 perks in 5 separate skills:


Finally, another exciting change is a new mechanic introduced to Necromancy, which should make it much more useful to living Heroes. In combination with other perks, the hero can now raise up to 80% of their dead living creatures as undead. This allows them to turn pretty much any of their creatures into an undead stack of the same tier.


That's it, folks. Enjoy the new year and have fun!

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