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Programming in the gameplay mechanics and adding new assets every week !

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Hello everyone and welcome to our Fifth Update !

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70 Watchers ? Top of the list most of this week ? I'm without words ! The indieDB community has been so kind to our team and we like to give it back by showing our content every friday without fail . We also had an interview over at the LAG website you can check out here :


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Sorry about that, it's just that I love both games so much it really is an honor. ENOUGH OF THAT THOUGH , let's start up with the content for this week ! Let's get the WALL OF TEXT part out of the way first.

As some of you may or may not know, Hero-Arena was planned as a web only game from the start. Where you would login to our site and play single or multiplayer matches freely anytime and anywhere without hassle. However, Due to some demand and respect we have for our offline players, we will also be providing a Standalone copy that you can download from our website in the future shortly after our web release, that will allow you to play through the single player arenas.

Later on we will consider adding in multiplayer to the downloaded copy when we can safely say we can keep the game legit and hacker free.

now consists of these fine members :
DavidDSOTP - Creator / 2d-3d Generalist
Dwizar - Co-Creator / Programmer
Vince - 3d Animator
Caden - 2d Artist
Gryphon - 3d Weapon Artist


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A normal priest stays inside the church and prays for evil times to fade, but the War Priest prays on the battlefield before their attack commences. With a watchful eye looking over, they enter the fray using divine power to defeat the evil plaguing the world.
WEAPONS OF CHOICE : Wand / Dagger and Shield or Two Hand Staff.

NORMALLY we'd have one weapon textured to show off but this week, I want to highlight some a bunch of work Gryphon's done for future in-game...ness! :

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Also a lot of media promotional content is good, but I know what you're really here for. IN-GAME GOODNESS ! Keep in mind that this game is only in ALPHA stage and a lot of it is subject to change at any given time : ) !


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( A higher res version of this image is available in our gallery )

Since the programmer loves the viewers very much , our 2nd video update ! :

Lots of refinement going on but we're definitely trying to push in the core mechanics of the gameplay before refining it and pushing it further ! Hopefully with more time and our fabulous new team members helping us along we can definitely keep upgrading every week to show you more new and improved content!

Until next time!
- Hero-Arena Team

TacoKnight - - 37 comments

The game is so simple but its also Amazing!

Will there being any duel wealding? Like 2 swords, sword+shield ect?

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DavidDSOTP Author
DavidDSOTP - - 107 comments

Some character can duel wield depending on what class they are and what specs they choose. For instance an assassin can duel wield daggers.

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Sph!nx - - 722 comments

Nice. tracking!

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DavidDSOTP Author
DavidDSOTP - - 107 comments

Thanks : D !

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