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Are you skilled with 3d modeling and textures are you good with coding are you ready for a challenge?

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We are now working on a part of the mod that will allow a playable faction of Pirates. We are looking for skilled modders that know how to make 3d models for the new Pirate ships and other new items we are looking to add. AlsoWe need people to do the textures for these items. Coders will be needed as well. If we have enough interest we might even add new sounds for the ships so we are going to need some sound editors for this mod to work well. Any ideas for new ships and structures are welcome. Later we will need ideas on special abilities as well for the Pirate ships. Any questions on how to join message me ZTT1997 or zerohourjay. I hope you are all enjoying the recent updates and if you run into any problems please leave a comment or message us. Thank you for supporting us as we endover on something not done before.
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