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With the leave of our primary model maker, a rift has formed that needs filled.

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Salve to the community of De Bello Civili,

As many of you have seen we've not had much done since our initial products. While work was continuing we've been having trouble with various members not working well in group projects, as a result we've lost a talented and driven member who was our primary creator of models for the project; And while I can understand that stance on these things with people, if you're putting your heart and soul into something sometimes letting others play around with it will make you uncomfortable.

Now that's me just bringing you guys up to date, we're in a pretty meh spot. We've got some things adjusted but we need a modeler currently otherwise there goes the production on this project of ours.

We're accepting applications to salvage this project and bring us into an era of grace, and any and all help rendered will be much appreciated by us and most importantly by the community. Now if you have skills in the field of model making and have any interest in this sort of work i implore you to get into contact with me either with a post on this article, or via steam @

And hopefully we can start moving forwards as opposed to backwards on this. Thank you all for your patients, we're hoping to remain loyal to the enthusiasm we've been given and cater to a variety of the cultures to be represented; But we cannot do it alone as I've said, So help us bring this project together from the new to the old all help is appreciated!

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