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We need players’ help to make Valhalla Lost the best it can be. Valhalla Lost is a strategic card game based on ancient Norse mythology. It offers several unique twists on previous variations of the genre, most notable of which are the painstakingly drawn artwork and the innovative block system. Heroes can also choose from multiple skills, and equip both weapons and armor...

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We need players’ help to make Valhalla Lost the best it can be.

Valhalla Lost is a strategic card game based on ancient Norse mythology. It offers several unique twists on previous variations of the genre, most notable of which are the painstakingly drawn artwork and the innovative block system. Heroes can also choose from multiple skills, and equip both weapons and armor; players are given a larger deck to allow a greater variety of tactics and smarter wins. Finally, not only are there multiple PvP modes, but players can also challenge multi-battle dungeons and experience an epic story-mode.


Valhalla has fallen

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Valhalla lies at the heart of Asgard and is housed by the Einherjar, souls of those who died in battle. Every Einherjar was once a brave hero, but upon their death they were collected by a Valkyrie, and brought to feast with Odin until the final battle – Ragnarok. For the people in Midgard, Valhalla is a holy land where only the most worthy can rest, and the only way to be proven worthy is to die in the ravages of battle. So passionate were the denizens of Midgard that when receiving a crippling injury they would rather end their own lives than survive as a cripple.

Vallhalla Lost sets the player into a world where Ragnarok does not approach as planned. The gods have failed in their tasks, and Valhalla has crashed to the world below, opening pathways to dark lands. The people of Midgard live in terror, and their faith in the gods has been shattered. Without the promise of rest Odin’s side many have abandoned the lessons of courage, wisdom and perseverance that he once preached, and have become petty kings and queens of their own pitiful desires.



Hero Skills

Hero Skills are powerful abilities unique to the few heroes that remain in the world. They consume Essence, as do spells, traps, wards, and creatures, but can be used once per round and are thus crucial to determining victors. Heroes currently have access to two skills, though only one may be used per battle. Players must decide which skill best suits their play style, and adjust their strategy according to their opponent’s choice.


In Valhalla Lost there are six types of cards: spells, wards, traps, creatures, weapons, and equipment. Each card has a play cost, shown on the top left of the card, and will require that much Essence to be used. Essence will be restored after each round, and players will gain one additional Essence per round up to a maximum of 10. Players may have up to 4 of each card in a deck, except for a maximum of 2 Legendary cards. Players may have multiple Epic cards in a deck, but only one may be in use at a time.


There are multiple types of creatures including elementals, Einherjar, humans, elves, dwarves, and gods. Each creature has an attack power (AP) which represents how much damage it can do, and health points (HP) which represent how much damage it can take. Some creatures will also have additional skills, useable abilities, bonuses, and flaws which will be describe on the lower half of the card.

Equipment and Weapons

Heroes can also attack enemies using weapons. Weapons also have an AP, but their HP is replaced with duration. Once the weapon has been equipped it will lose one duration each time it is used. Equipment, much like weapons, can be equipped to give Heroes passive bonuses such as damage reduction, and additional stats. Equipment duration will be reduced each time the Hero is attacked. Weapons and equipment also have abilities that can be activated.




Wards are a subsection of spells that have permanent effects until they are removed from play. After being used, wards will bestow either benefits to the user, or disadvantages to their opponent. There are multiple types of Wards, and their effects can stack, though only four Wards may be in play at once.



Traps can be especially useful for the right player. When a trap is used it will enter the ‘trap area’ and stay in play until it is triggered or destroyed. Traps can only be triggered on the enemy’s turn and when certain conditions are met, for example a spell is played or a creature attacks the player’s Hero. After the trap is triggered it will execute its task, then be placed in the cemetery.



Valhalla Lost gives players two ways to defend their Hero. If a creature has either Block or Guardian it must be defeated or neutralized before the Hero can be attacked.

  1. Guardian: Guardian is a defense ability that only some creatures have. The creature may attack normally during the player turn, and still maintain the ability to defend the Hero, as well as other creatures.
  2. Block: Block is a defense ability that any creature without the Guardian ability and can be targeted can have. If a creature doesn’t take any action during a player’s turn it will gain the Block ability.


Game Rundown

-Magnificent hand-drawn art featuring gods, monsters, and heroes from Norse mythology

-An innovative block system that adds a whole new twist to CCG gaming

-An intricate story that places the player in the remnants of a fallen Valhalla

-A mutually beneficial Friend system that helps players gain better cards

-Multi-battle Dungeons for extra rewards

-A Bar Fight mode that simplifies playing against friends who are close to your physical location

-League play that rewards those with the passion to win

-Over 200 cards including spells, creatures, wards, and traps

-Epic bosses that will test the limit of players’ skill

-New cards every 3 months

-40 Card decks for more varied strategies

-4 unique classes, each with multiple Hero Skills


We will provide a link for Android players on September 25th.iOS players will have to wait a few days, but can provide their email address to, then download Testflight from the App Store. When the iOS version is ready the beta can be downloaded from Testflight.

Google Play: Link coming September 25th at

iOS: Dowload Testflight and send an email to with the subject: ‘Valhalla Lost iOS Beta’. We’ll let you know when it’s ready.

We are excited to hear your ideas on the game background, gameplay, card design and anything else you think could be improved.

The best ideas will be chosen, and implemented into the final version of the game. Those who offer these ideas will receive some of the following rewards:

  1. Become a player designer! Your name will be added into the co-designer list.
  2. Have a unique card with your name or the information you provide appear in-game!
  3. Be added as a character in the game’s Adventure mode!
  4. Get credit for your background or quest ideas!
  5. Have your original artwork be used in a multi-platform, international game!

For those of you who simply want to try the game, to thank you for your fantastic support we will provide you with some powerful game resources during the closed beta test, and additional rewards after the game is officially launched!

The closed beta tested is coming September 25th. If you are interested, please Like our Facebook fan page for regular updates:

Facebook fan page:


Official Website:

We are a growing quickly. Pay attention for more information and updates.

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