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Our team is working day and night to improve the game experience and bring out some new and amazing content.

Unfortunately the amount of players, playing our mod has been dropping. Before we bring out our new content we want to make sure, that we are pointing (rather coding) into the right direction with our ideas.

So please help us to bring out some amazing content and take part in this little survey (might take 5 minutes, but it also depends on how much you want to tell us)

Thanks a lot for your help and support!


JuQu - - 76 comments

Done. I hope you get a lot of a answers.

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Benjimable - - 544 comments

I'm surprised at the lack of players, considering it's one of few mods available through Steam. I haven't had the chance to play the mod online yet due to lack of players in servers.

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Jeffman12 - - 1,475 comments

My sentiment exactly.

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Hackadoll2号 - - 158 comments

did survey, hope we can see more players on this awesome mod soon :)

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Spindoc - - 10 comments

Thanks for the support! I just wanted to say that we truly really appreciate your time and that we'll rely heavily on your answers in the next few months when we start the Orange Box port.

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Juffe - - 393 comments

Just downloaded this mod again. I played this mod last time when it wasn't on steam, so I'm interested to see what has changed. =)

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JohnyIPE Author
JohnyIPE - - 2 comments

We got a lot of feedback and I am currently analyzing the gathered data. I really hope we can start with the primery objections a lot of you people sent in to hit the core of the problem which seems kind of obvious. ;)

Thank you all for the great support and prepare for some epic news in the near future :)


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