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We're looking for feedback on what Indie DB users think about the designs for our next five spirits.

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In Kickstarter Update #10, we've asked both Backers and Steam Followers for their feedback on which design should we choose to add into our game. We didn't get enough feedback and I'm hoping Indie DB users can change that!

Please click on Kickstarter Update #10 (recommended for higher resolution images) or look below.

Spirit #6 = Crossbow Bunny, belongs to Level 2

Role as an Ally

  • Extra DPS, similar to our current cat archer. Slower fire rate and deals higher damage to armored units.

Role as an Enemy

  • Nothing special

Spirit #7, Skeleton Ice Mage/Caster, belongs to Level 3

Role as an Ally

  • Freezes enemies in place and changes their element to Ice. This allows you to combo with lightning attacks to deal double damage.

Role as an Enemy

  • Slows all your spirit's attack speed down within a certain radius
  • Teleports to another lane

Spirit #8, Skeleton Flying Dragon/Wyvern, belongs to Level 3

Role as an Ally

  • Straight line AoE damage
  • Body glows based on element of his breath

Role as an Enemy

  • Flies past your shield defenders

Spirit #9, Skeleton Hellhound, belongs to Level 3

Role as an Ally

  • Act as another range DPS, except a little creepy... His head will disappear and appear on top of enemies.

Role as an Enemy

  • Extremely high movement speed, quickly charges through eliminating any undefended spirits you have on the field. You'll have to enter Strategic Pause mode and time a Shield ally for this guy!

Spirit #10, Robot with Missiles, belongs to Level 4

Role as an Ally

  • Another range DPS, except it blows stuff up.

Role as an Enemy

  • Nothing special, just moves quicker

Indie DB users, let us know what you think!

ironstrom - - 65 comments

I quite like spirit 7:3 & 8:5 Looks like a intelligent thinking stance:D

10:2 kinda looks like a stallion about to charge rather then something that would shoot missiles;d

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