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In order for HTroop to finish we will need some help from the community. We do not have but the mod creator working towards finishing the mod at the time and we could really use some people who are experienced with BF1942's code. If you are not experienced with modding in BF1942, that is alright, you can still help support us by play testing. By becoming a play tester you get to enjoy the mod before anyone else and you get to help create a better mod for the BF1942 mod community.

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Hello Everyone!

As many of you know, HTroop has been in its final stages of development for a while now. We have been working on a few more things to make the mod run smoother and have been enhancing the playing experience for a wile now. It has been a slow process and we do not know if we will be ale to finish this project soon since it is pretty large. We could really use some more people to help develop the mod and help us play test.

Requirements - Mod Developing

In order to help us further develop HTroop you must first talk to the original mod creator Professor Smith and if there is help needed we will notify you of the help we need. There are a few rules you will need to follow to be on our mod development team.

1) You MUST have Discord installed and have joined our HTroop Discord Server.
Discord invite link -

2) Contact Professor Smith on Discord about wanting to help develop HTroop.
Professor Smith's Discord name and tag - Professor_Smith/Grand_Admiral#5704

Rules - Mod Developing

You must follow these rules when helping us develop HTroop

1) You are required to follow the instructions of the mod developer, Professor Smith. If we need something to be changed you have to change it to the mod developer's liking.
(Suggestions to make an adjustment are welcome)

2) You must complete a project we give you. You cannot find something in the game and make a change to it that is not part of the project. We will be checking this. (If you find something and feel it needs to be changed we can talk about it, but all final decisions are made by Professor Smith)

3) Take your time! There is no rush to finish a task that we give you, if you cannot help us finish something let us know ahead of time. If you feel like you can not complete a task/project we give you we can give you something else to work on.

After you have contacted me and we have gone over the rules together and all questions have been asked you will be granted the HTroop mod and be part of our mod development team. Anyone who helps us develop HTroop will have their name (or gamer tag) in the readme file and credits if they would like to. It is important to note that you can also help play test if you would like to.

Requirements - Play testing

In order to apply to be a play tester you will have to follow some basic requirements.

1) Join our HTroop Discord Server (optional)
Discord invite link -

2) Contact me on Discord explaining that you would like to become a play tester.

(If you do not have discord and would rather communicate a different way, send me a PM here on Moddb and we can discuss an alternative way to communicate. We can communicate on Moddb but its not as efficient as Discord.)

Rules - Play testing

When you are play testing HTroop in either singleplayer or multiplayer, be on the lookout for bugs or things that could be improved. There are two simple rules to follow to be a play tester.

1) You are required to report anything that needs fixing to either myself (LuccaWulf) or Professor Smith. By reporting these bugs you are helping finish the mod more quickly. Its not fun to take the time and report bugs but it is essential. Keeping a notepad next to you is a good idea so while you are playing you can write down anything you see in game down on paper. Knowing what map you are on is important as well.

Some things that you can point out while play testing are listed below.

- Floating static objects in maps

- Incorrect Ai Paths

- Bad vehicle spawn locations

- Anything that might not be coded to work properly (some flags might not be correct for example)

2) Have fun!

After you have contacted me and we have gone over the rules together and all questions have been asked you will be granted the HTroop mod and be part of our play testing team. All play testers get to have their name (or gamer tag) in the readme file of the mod and credits when its complete if they would like to. If you would like to become a mod developer as well that is fine. However, you must follow the rules for becoming a mod developer above.

Thank you all for your time!



I would like to point out (as the Creator of HTroop, but not the only Team Member) that LuccaWulf and the rest of our team have been some amazingly dedicated and honest about what seems like a good addition to the mod or not. We have asked the current player fans of HTroop and have received professional advice from multiple forums over the 17 or so years of piecing this not so mini, mini-mod together, that patiently await it's final release. It is not that I cannot release it myself, as I have been the only one modifying the code/script (and a few other things) since the beginning. However, there will be a few things within it, such as a better weapon animation, or a few maneuver animations I'd love to combine with some personal code combinations, or a tank may need better textures; small things, but noticeable by the experienced. Though game play, physics, and the desire to make the mod playable and enjoyable for every skill of player, I have still done (to the best of my current knowledge), to make HTroop look as professional as possible, but I am not a miracle worker. Some of the most amazing of mods I have done within HTroop, would look so much better, if the animations or meshes, or textures (or a combination of all 3) would be of better quality). The AI in HTroop is Very Good (perhaps better than) many of the mods out there. This is not simply my opinion, but a proven fact, from many a player's unbiased opinion. I have always enjoyed the idea of fighting alongside fellow players on the battlefield, against an incredibly challenging force of bots, and have admittedly, spent most of my time making HTroop's AI, game play, physics, and overall different weapons, maps, vehicles, and more (used from various mods; hence why HTroop is a mini-mod), work with one another. Even now, I am still having issues with various maps from various mods loading without crashing when they are placed in One Order on the dedicated server list, but they have No Problem Loading When they are in a different order of maps. If there are any Bf1942 Info Tech's out there that could help with this, or any Bf1942 based AI, Animation, StandardMesh and/or AI experts, please reach out and offer your help. This is simply a mod that we believe not only will Rock the World of Battlefield, but it is simply a very long project that both I, and my family, would like to see finished. My family (my Wife & my little one), have been very patient with me in many ways, including the long nights, after long work days, and being able to spend time with my family; times when I should have been sleeping, but instead, consistently working on the mod. Its time to finish up the list, do 3 or 4 sessions of play testing the maps with the Play Testers (also something we need more of), do some finishing touches after that, and then a mass live streamed, grand release of HTroop v1.2. The fact is, if I had more modders, willing to do with me, what I and LuccaWulf, have mentioned above, as well as some repetitive, but important tasks, the mod would be finished within half a year, but because it is only me working on everything, and then our small play testing team, testing the mod on a server together, when they are available, will take significantly longer.

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Recently, I finished working on various Machine Gun camera views, and I am now working on correcting the camera views of All Aircraft and their Gunnery positions.

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