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We need help with the music that plays during certain missions/cutscenes!

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One of the biggest goals with Vice City's Serbian is to create an almost movie-like atmosphere during cutscenes and to make dynamic missions. We currently need help with designing music that plays during the game that is not licensed and made specifically for the game. The music needs to sound fitting depending on the situation.

Imagine it; Niko surrounded by the cops. Ambient music plays, building the tension up. He busts through the doors and starts shooting. The music picks up, following Niko's actions. the music makes your heart pump as Niko dodges several bullets and takes down numerous police officers. After every cop is killed, the music calms down as Niko walks away, upset by how many people he killed, but happy he's alive.

Wouldn't it be great?

The music genres that would fit are:

  • Orchestral sounding pieces (For epic/sad moments)

  • Foreign sounding music (Similar to The Soviet Connection by Michael Hunter)

  • Music that generally fits Vice City's look and feel.

Your feedback is extremely important!
Anyone can donate their music to this mod, but that doesn't mean that every song will be used. The best songs will be chosen by the VCS team or the community. This won't be the only time you can submit music to be used officially in VCS. Future Add-ons and more will give you the opportunity to change the game!


I'm sharing my experience.
When I need music, I visit this site: all songs should be CC, so there should enough to post the author and source.
Or sometimes I even contact some less known YouTube instrumentalist. They usually cooperate.
I hope I helped.

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theNGclan Author

Thanks for the help, Vikom! We're currently talking to some lesser known but talented YouTube artists right now. We will be checking out soon. Thanks for the tip!

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